We are now publishing what we have created so far - this is what we have been announcing for about a year. We have continuously been trying to formulate realistic aims and to show the actual development only, in order to not let there be any exaggerated expectations. Thus, what we release now clearly needs to be considered a prototyp, an interim version, that is no more, but no less as well, than the beginning in designing a completely new ingame environment.

In fact, there is a lot more finished than what you get to see right now; but a commonly known actuality, we have been stressing in all recent news, is, that the time needed to eventually implement a model into the final game is far more than one would have expected.

Our credo especially over the last few weeks has been to finalize any model brought ingame in so far, we will normally not ever need to work on it again, as long as there are no serious bugs found. Regarding the kind of atmosphere, that is already now conveyed exceptionally by night, although there are still a lot of gaps left to be filled, it seems to us, this decision was the right one.

The deadline of October was set up approximately one and a half years ago, knowing full well we would not manage to realize at all our aims - but still hoping to stimulate both our own determination and the public interest in order to recruit competent cooperators in the course of time.

Last but not least, the project itself to us is rather a way of learning a lot of interesting things and increasing individual knowledge - the concrete realization is more likely a product of our ambition.
In so far, it is considered by us a success to have kept alive the work on the realization of what was only an idea in the beginning for such a long time and to still have the ambition and idealism to go on doing so. Of course, we are happy about positive criticism. Still to most of us the most important success is independent of the reception of the work - namely to have a hobby one is happy about, plus to by the way be considered a positive example of how to deal with a genre of computer games that is permanently being discredited in the public.

In so far, we today take pride in what we have created so far - and we wish you as much fun as we mainly had during development.